Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S2-EP7

Episode synopsis

S2 EP7 – Like Mother, Like Daughter: Headmaster Charleston wants Lorelai and Rory to be more socially engaged at school.


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Melissa McCarthy…Sookie St. James

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Patterson…Luke Danes

Liza Weil…Paris Geller

Kelly Bishop…Emily Gilmore

Dakin Matthews…Hanlin Charleston

Sean Gunn…Kirk Gleason

Best character

Rory is far too relatable at the start of the episode, spending her lunch on her own reading and listening to music. Literally me at school.

Favourite scenes

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Best quotes and one liners

LORELAI: Come pick me up?

MICHEL: I am already here.

LORELAI: Put Carol on the desk and come pick me up.

MICHEL: I am not speaking to Carol. She ate my low-fat cheese.

MRS. VERDINAS: So don’t worry about being late for your next class. I’ll write you a note if you are.

RORY: Okay.

MRS. VERDINAS: I know from your record you’re a stickler for punctuality.

RORY: I am a stickler, yes. I only slipped one time last year. I hit a deer. Actually, he hit me. Or she did. Or not me, my car. But, um, then he or she ran away, and I think it turned out okay. I didn’t see it again, so I can’t definitively say but I did look for him or her. It’s a big story for me, I’m surprised I don’t tell it better.

LORELAI: So what does she expect you to do?

RORY: She said mix it up.

LORELAI: Mix it up, what does that mean?

RORY: I guess that means going up to strange kids at school and saying, ‘Hey, mind if I awkwardly butt in where I don’t belong and don’t want to be?’

LORELAI: The whole thing’s ridiculous. Chilton is a cult.

KIRK: It’s all fixed. I found a loose terminal. I reconnected the battery and jumped it, so it’s set to go.

LORELAI: Oh, thanks Kirk.

KIRK: And I’m not gonna charge you for the time I spent stuck underneath the car.

LORELAI: That’s great Kirk.

KIRK: And I just want you to know that I overheard, and you’re absolutely right. I carried a duffel bag and ate lunch by myself my entire school career, and I turned out just fine.

HEADMASTER CHARLESTON: You know, I checked my records to remind myself why I asked you in only to discover that you had actually called for this meeting.

LORELAI: Yes I did.

HEADMASTER CHARLESTON: I’m surprised. We don’t see you often. We’d forgotten what you’d looked like.

LORELAI: Well, I’m pretty much the same. Rosy cheeks, strong of bone, sly of wit.

RORY: Mom, what are you doing here? You were supposed to meet me in my Latin class after meeting with Headmaster Charleston.

LORELAI: Oh my God. I was. I totally forgot. Ugh, I’m so sorry.

RORY: Mom, come on, what happened. Did you talk to him?

LORELAI: I did. I told him that he was completely out of line with this treatment of you, that you are not a loner freak, you have plenty of friends, and you don’t own a long black leather Matrix coat, and they should fall down on their kneesocks everyday that you deign to show up at that loser school.

LORELAI: But hey, I’ve been thinking. I mean, the whole reason we did this Chilton thing is for you to get into Harvard, right?

RORY: Right.

LORELAI: And these fanatics that run your school, they’re the ones that write the letters to the fancy colleges saying things like, ‘Hey she’s keen, look at her’ or ‘Have you seen the L tattooed on her forehead, ’cause it sure is a big one.’

RORY: So you’re saying we should just go along with this?

LORELAI: Yeah, go along with it. Talk to some kids, I’ll hang out with their moms, and we’ll get into Harvard, take over the world, then buy Chilton and turn it into a rave club. What do you say, deal?

RORY: Deal.

LEM: Lorelai. That’s a weird name. RORY: Well, Lem, what can I say?

RORY: [to Paris] God! You’re like a pop up book from hell.

Final thoughts and fun facts

This is another episode that I really could take or leave. It’s not a favourite and while there are some funny lines, it’s a bit boring.

Lance Barber, who plays the man who built the tilted runway, also plays Hugo, the online journalist who hires Rory to follow Obama on his campaign trail at the end of the series.

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