Re-Watch Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S2-EP4

Episode synopsis

Chapter Fifteen – Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror: Sabrina, Theo, Roz and others attempt to navigate the lines between fact, fiction and fate when a mysterious stranger sets up shop in Cerberus Books.


Kiernan Shipka…Sabrina Spellman

Ross Lynch…Harvey Kinkle

Lucy Davis…Hilda Spellman

Chance Perdomo…Ambrose Spellman

Michelle Gomez…Mary Wardwell

Jaz Sinclair…Rosalind Walker

Tati Gabrielle…Prudence Night

Adeline Rudolph…Agatha

Richard Coyle…Father Faustus Blackwood

Miranda Otto…Zelda Spellman

Veronica Cartwright…Tarot reader

Abigail Cowen…Dorcas

Alessandro Juliani…Dr. Cee

Gavin Leatherwood…Nicholas Scratch

Lachlan Watson…Theo Putnam

Abby Ross…Dezmelda

Best character

I don’t really have a favourite character for this episode, they all have really great developmental storylines. 

Favourite scenes

I really wish there were more clips of this show on YouTube because it’s so beautifully shot and the aesthetics are just stunning. 

I was hoping to find at least a small clip of each ‘story’ in this episode, but no luck. The magician’s show that Nick does is a particular favourite part of mine. I love the dark vibes.

Best quotes and one liners

TAROT READER: So, you have questions about your young suitor. 

SABRINA: I do. He very recently lied to me. About not doing something. 

TAROT READER: One lie? That’s it? 

SABRINA: ( sighs ) It’s not just that. It’s also… he’s a bit more of a “bad boy” than I’m used to. Ever since we started dating, I’ve felt like I’ve been walking down this darker path, let’s say. One I resisted for a long time, but then, with him, I’ve begun to think, “Maybe it’s not so bad, if I get to walk it with him beside me, holding my hand.” But this lie happened, and… ( sighs ) made me question everything. Like… should I trust him? Can I trust him?

TAROT READER: The cards tell me he’s a handsome trickster, which few women can resist.

SABRINA: That sounds like Nick, yeah.

SABRINA: Flirt with Prudence. Heaven, flirt with all the Weird Sisters. Or with the entire Academy, which you do, by the way, witches and warlocks alike. You’re an equal opportunity flirt. And that’s fine, Nick, but I’m going home. 

NICK: Sabrina, come on.

SABRINA: Oh. And sorry, but I don’t think I can be your magician’s assistant. Being arm candy? It’s not really my style.

TAROT READER: You need not fear the dark path, as long as you trust the boy who walks it with you.

DR. CEE: Zelda! Fancy seeing you here… 

ZELDA: Spare me your curdled charm, Dr. Dracula. Where is my sister?

ZELDA: I can’t marry Faustus, Hilda. ( sighs ) Not until I’ve admitted the truth about what I did with baby Leticia. That I spirited her away to be raised by Dezmelda. 

HILDA: I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell a groom you stole his baby.

Final thoughts and fun facts

I was so surprised that this season also has a filler episode, it’s so rare these days and honestly, I miss them. Shows used to always have episodes that didn’t progress the plot and would just be for fun, but you just don’t see that anymore. 

The title and plot are a homage to the 1965 horror anthology film, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, in which a fortuneteller uses tarot cards to predict the future of five strangers on a train.

Nick asks Prudence if she’s ever been to the “Other Realm” which is how they used to refer to as the Witchy World in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I love the little nods to the original series. 

During Ambrose’s tarot card reading, he is told by Father Blackwood that in order to be admitted into The Judas Society, he must “correct” his family. This is a reference to The Shining, wherein Jack Torrance is told by former caretaker Delbert Grady that he must “correct” his family, as he did his own.

The song Harvey is listening to while drawing the Fools Tarot is “Submission ” by The Sex Pistols. A reference to Cthulhu and the secret hidden under the Sea. If Harvey makes the wrong choice and goes to art school, it will lead to madness. He is convinced by his reading to stay in Greendale. The fool is the inversion of The World. When sane The World becomes insane, when insane The World becomes Sane.

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