My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #16

To The Moon – Kastaclysm 

Episodes: 2 

Game synopsis: “Sigmund Corporation uses a technology that can create artificial memories. They offer this as a “wish fulfillment” service to people on their death beds. Since these artificial memories conflict with the patient’s real memories, the procedure is only legal to do on people without much time left to live.

Sigmund Corp. employees Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts are tasked with fulfilling the lifelong dream of the dying Johnny Wyles. Johnny wants to go to the moon, although he doesn’t know why. The doctors insert themselves into an interactive compilation of his memories and traverse backwards through his life via mementos. With each leap to an important moment in Johnny’s memories, they learn more about him and what brought him to his current position in life, including his largely unhappy marriage to his childhood sweetheart, River. Upon reaching his childhood, the doctors attempt to insert his desire to go to the moon. Supposedly, Johnny’s mind would create new memories based on that desire, and Johnny would die believing he lived without any regrets.”

To The Moon is an absolute classic and it’s so rare to see a recent playthrough of it. The first time I saw this game was when PewDiePie did a playthrough of it back in 2012. I remember the story being heartbreaking, even to my teen self back then, and I cry at everything now so it’s ten times worse. 

This was the first playthrough I watched of Maggie’s and my god is she adorable. She has the type of voice that I could just sit and listen to all day. 

Speaking of voices, I love the effort she put into reading the dialogue. The characters had personalities and she really brought them to life. 

If you’re the type of person who gets frustrated when people take a while to do puzzles, this is not the playthrough for you. I personally don’t care that much, but I do understand why it’s annoying. 

This is such a sad game, but it’s also very cosy. If you’ve seen the game before you can put this on in the background and just enjoy listening to the story and music. 

My god is the music gorgeous in this game. I have the album on my reading playlist and it always makes me so emotional. This game proves just how powerful music is in setting scenes and conveying emotions. 

Maggie gets so invested in the story that it’s such a compelling watch. I love it when YouTubers show real passion and love for what they are doing. You can tell she’s enjoying the game even though it doesn’t have a lot of actual gameplay.

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