Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S2-EP10

Episode synopsis

S2 EP10 – The Bracebridge Dinner: While Rory struggles to keep the budding rivalry between Dean and Jess under control, Lorelai invites most of the citizens of Stars Hollow to an elaborate feast complete with Elizabethan costumes and horse-drawn sleigh rides, during which Richard announces to Emily that he has retired


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Melissa McCarthy…Sookie St. James

Keiko Agena…Lane Kim

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Patterson…Luke Danes

Liza Weil…Paris Geller

Jared Padalecki…Dean Forester

Milo Ventimiglia…Jess Mariano

Kelly Bishop…Emily Gilmore

Edward Herrmann…Richard Gilmore

Max Perlich…Rune

Liz Torres…Miss Patty

Emily Kuroda…Mrs. Kim

Sally Struthers…Babette Dell

Michael Winters…Taylor Doose

Jackson Douglas…Jackson Belleville

Sean Gunn…Kirk Gleason

Best character

It has to be Jackson right? His role as Squire Bracebridge definitely wins him the title. I love Jackson, he’s a very underrated character.

Favourite scenes

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Best quotes and one liners

RORY: I can’t believe they got snowed in. 

LORELAI: All that work, all that extra help we hired. Oh well. At least they paid for it already. We didn’t lose any money. 

SOOKIE: Yeah I guess. You know, I could still make up the dinner for the three of us. 

RORY: Yeah, but then it would be like the three of us, all alone in the dining room. 

LORELAI: It would be like The Shining, except instead of Jack Nicholson, we have Rune.

DEAN: You saw it was me, Jess. Why’d you keep punching? 

JESS: Had momentum.

RORY: This is one ugly looking baby. Whose baby is this? 

LORELAI: That’s your second cousin’s Stan’s. Poor kid. 

RORY: Ugh, he got Stan’s everything. 

LORELAI: That’s not even the ugliest baby in the bunch. 

RORY: You’re kidding. [looks through the pile] Ouch! 

LORELAI: That’s the ugliest baby in the bunch. 

RORY: I don’t understand why people put pictures on cards. 

LORELAI: Do they not understand we are unapologetic mockers?

LORELAI: Uh, I have a new year’s resolution for you: become more cynical and self absorbed. 

RORY: I’ll work on it.

LORELAI: Come on. We can pull a Ben Hur and take down Taylor’s sleigh.

LUKE: You never lied to your kid? 

LORELAI: Ahh, to save her from great physical pain, yes. When she was little and she would play in the kitchen, I told her that the burners were the devil’s hands, but I would say it in a really scary evangelist voice, you know, ‘Don’t touch the devil’s hands!’ She still doesn’t go near the stove.

LORELAI: Ah, it’s always nice to end a big festive meal with a big festive pall hanging over the room. 

RORY: Most people didn’t notice anything. 

LORELAI: I guess. Bootsy singing Hotel California accompanied by spoons drew people’s attention away.

LORELAI: Jackson, thank you for being our Squire. 

JACKSON: Oh, you’re welcome. Hey, uh, by the way, last night when Bootsy was singing Hotel California and banging spoons on his head, did I

LORELAI: Lift up your shirt and play drums on your stomach? Yes you did. 

JACKSON: Oh boy. 

RORY: You kept a good beat. 

SOOKIE: Yeah, ’cause God knows if the beat was off, you’d have embarrassed yourself.

Final thoughts and fun facts

This is one of my favourite episodes, it’s so cosy and perfectly showcases just how weird Stars Hollow is. I’d love to live there though. 

The Bracebridge Dinner is a real event. Based on the novel by Washington Irving, The Keeping of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall, it has been held at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park every Christmas starting in 1927, excluding 2020 and 2021, due to COVID.

Lorelai and Sookie mention that the Bracebridge dinner’s theme is 19th-century England, but the costumes and music are (apparently) clearly from an earlier time.

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