Re-Watch Review: Superstore S2-EP1

Episode synopsis

S2 EP1: Strike – A full-fledged strike ensues when a group of Cloud 9 employees walk off the job to protest the firing of Glenn; Jonah tries to help Amy negotiate with corporate; Garrett meets a gorgeous woman on the picket line.


America Ferrera…Amy

Ben Feldman…Jonah

Lauren Ash…Dina

Colton Dunn…Garrett

Nico Santos…Mateo

Mark McKinney…Glenn

Michael Bunin…Jeff

Sarah Dumont…Nikki

Kaliko Kauahi…Sandra

Best character

I didn’t know who to pick for this episode so I’m going iwth the random child in the scene transition with its head stuck between slats on a chair. 

Favourite scene

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Best quotes and one liners

JEFF: Excuse me. Hi, I’m Jeff Sutton. I’m the District Manager.

DINA: Could I see some ID?

JEFF: Sure.

DINA: Just a second. You photograph terribly. Never model.

JEFF: Uh, who are you?

DINA: Dina Fox, Assistant Manager. Well, I used to be Assistant Manager. I had to resign my position in order to pursue a sexual relationship with a subordinate. Didn’t work out. Not really your business. Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and taken my old job back.

JEFF: Okay, I’m gonna have to let Corporate know about that.

DINA: I get it. You want me to work for it. Show you I got what it takes. Here we go.

JEFF: Okay.

DINA: How many you want, fifty? Hundred? I could for sure do seven.

JEFF: No, thank you. No push-ups are necessary today for this. Maybe just run outside and grab whoever’s in charge and ask them to come in for a meeting?

DINA: Of course. I mean, that’s what an assistant manager does, right?

JEFF: Yes.

DINA: And for the record, your body would photograph great. It’s just your face that’s bad.

JONAH: That’s right. As Dr. Martin Luther King once said…

GARRETT: No, no.

JONAH: No. No is right. We’ll see you tomorrow.

JONAH: I ordered a rat, but there was a mix-up at the rental house. We got the teddy bear, and I guess there’s a a five-year-old in Crestwood having a horrifying birthday party.

Final thoughts and fun facts

The strike being misued for other issues is very funny, but the anti-trans activists were not funny in the slightest. There are definitely actually funny things they could have used instead of this, it’s too real of a problem. 

Glenn’s car is destroyed for the third time in this episode. It’s my favourite running joke, poor Glenn.

At the end of every episode the card for the production company Spitzer Holding Company features a variety of items they specialize in. In this episode they list Toys, Dictator Management, and Shoes.

Amy wears her real name tag before changing into a pink suit and then the red strike t-shirt, neither of which she wears a name tag on.

Sandra complains that she does not receive overtime pay despite working overtime. According to the Missouri Department of Labor (the show is set in St. Louis), “Employers must pay at least one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay once overtime pay is in effect. Overtime pay begins once an employee works more than 40 hours in a work week rather than more than 8 hours in a work day.” Either the company is not paying her time-and-a-half on her extra hours, or they are altering her time sheets to say she worked fewer than 40 hours. In either scenario, the protesters could/should have reported Cloud 9 to the government for wage theft.

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