Re-Watch Review: Superstore S2-EP2

Episode synopsis

S2 EP2: Back to Work – A workplace accident threatens Amy’s plan to impress the district manager; Glenn tries to come off as a strict boss; Jonah tries to help Dina win over the co-workers she betrayed in the strike.


America Ferrera…Amy

Ben Feldman…Jonah

Lauren Ash…Dina

Colton Dunn…Garrett

Nico Santos…Mateo

Nichole Sakura…Cheyenne

Mark McKinney…Glenn

Michael Bunin…Jeff

Kaliko Kauahi…Sandra

Jon Barinholtz…Marcus

Irene White…Carol

Best character

I might be the only person but I actually quite like Marcus and he does have some really funny moments in this episode. Slicing his thumb off wasn’t funny, but the moments before it were.

Favourite scenes

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Best quotes and one liners

GLENN: Good morning.

AMY: Morning. Can’t believe we’re back. Same stupid time cards. Same boring beige halls.

JONAH: Actually, I think that cockroach in the light is new.

AMY: Nope, Ernie’s been here longer than me.

AMY: Okay, we need to keep the line moving. We have a lot of hungry, angry people out there.

MARCUS: Uh, you can just say “hangry” now. It’s a new word. My friend’s cousin made it up.

AMY: Oh, uh, Glenn, I forgot to mention those skateboarders are back.

GLENN: Oh, Jeff, come with me. Now now, those girls are big for 12, but there’s two of us, so it’ll be a fair fight this time.

AMY: The last time we saw the thumb it was in a tub of guacamole, but then we found this open tub of guacamole on the floor, so it could be a different guacamole, or else it could be the same guacamole, but the thumb fell out. So the thumb could either be in a guacamole or it could be anywhere. Any questions?

GARRETT: Yeah, uh, is it just regular guacamole?

AMY: No, it’s, uh grapefruit, ginger, and lime.

AMY: Whoever finds the thumb, pick up the intercom and say I don’t know, “strawberry jam.”

GARRETT: Ooh, but what if something actually happens with strawberry jam?

AMY: I am willing to take that chance.

Final thoughts and fun facts

Amy wears a different name tag in each episode. This episode her name tag says “Louise”.

At the end of every episode the card for the production company Spitzer Holding Company features a variety of items they specialize in. In this episode they list Bitcoin Mining, Library Consultants, and Soil.

Throughout the episode they mention having a “perfect day” at the store. The day was March 14th or 3/14. The show takes place in St. Louis which has the area code 314.

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