Music Review: White by Twin Stranger

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Twin Stranger are a Welsh five-piece lead by multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie. With influences from 70s power pop and 90s avant-pop the band offer a mix of dreamy guitars, synths and hooky bass lines. 

Starting out as a bedroom recording project, Alex brought his brother and fellow multi-instrumentalist Liam into the mix. After the joining of his friends bassist Josh Newington, Joe Tobin on keyboards and drummer Eric Karvik, Twin Stranger was born.

Having already released two successful singles so far this year, Tears of Joy and Crushed, Twin Stranger have captured the attention of BBC Introducing, SiriusXM and KROQ Radio in the US.

Wasting no time the song crashes into your eardrums with a huge bout of energy. White is instantly engaging with its funky guitars and fuzzy bass. The 70s pop influence is clear in abundance. The low lying synths entwine the 90s influence and act as the cherry on top of what is already an interesting track. 

Although upbeat the track has a peaceful vibe to it which is expertly presented by the youthful tone of frontman Alex McConnachie. The vocals are full of a vitality which is easily carried throughout the entire track. A lilting melody drives forward this engaging track and gives the lyrics a storytelling quality. This all adds to the repeatability of White

© Tom Damsell

Alex McConnachie’s vocals can only be described as soothing. Although White has its own energy, the track has a peaceful vibe to it. Although the lyrics do not suggest that this is a peaceful track and are actually about being the mediator when things go a bit pear-shaped on an intoxicated night. I can’t help but think that White has a feel-good vibe to it. 

The bridge is where this track comes to life. The guitars become more animated and the tone of White shifts into a track with a little more angst. This section works as a nice contrast to the previous verses and choruses, which are on the mellow side, and brings a new level of fervour.

White is a fun track which radiates a youthful spirit. The pulsing rhythm acts as an excellent driving force and the quality riffs give the track layers of interest. The pressing drumbeat propels the track forward and allows White to have buoyancy. This energetic pace does not allow for the rhythm to drop and gives White the sense of having its own heartbeat. 

The repeatability of this track is off the charts and I would not think twice about adding this song to your playlists if I were you. 

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