Music Review: Signs by Cloud House

Signs was the first released single of 2021 from Glasgow based indie-rock band Cloud House. Made up of Conor McCarry on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Patrick Wallace on lead guitar and backing vocals, Calum Wray on bass and backing vocals and Jack Hughes on drums and backing vocals, the band made their debut back in 2019. 

Signs tells the age-old story of being the only person putting real effort into a relationship. The blend of upbeat jangly guitars and a smooth vocal weaving the heartbreaking tale makes Signs an exciting take on your typical lovelorn track. 

Connor has the type of tone which I could sit and listen to all day and never get bored. Hanging on his every word you find yourself completely lost in his mesmerising timbre with no feeling of wanting to get out. 

Although the track is about a relationship that isn’t working, you can help but feel uplifted by the tracks overall vibe. If you take your focus away from the lyrics and instead lose yourself in the music, Signs can act as a real mood booster. 

The subtle alt-rock inflections sprinkled throughout Signs make the track a driving force. Cautious instrumentation makes sure that the track is in constant motion whilst never overpowering the vocal. 

Signs is a song about heartbreak that feels like a song about love in its purest form. At no point during this track do you catch any feelings of melancholy. Cloud House has impressively created a track packed full of sad emotions which does nothing but lift your spirit.

Check out Cloud House’s debut EP when it is released on February 26th!

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