ARC Review: Reputation by Lex Croucher

Sorry for the blurry cover it was impossible to find a high res version of it.
*I was sent an arc of Reputation in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Zaffre and Lex Croucher.*

CW: sexual assault, substance abuse


“Abandoned by her parents, middle-class Georgiana Ellers has moved to a new town to live with her dreary aunt and uncle. At a particularly dull party, she meets the enigmatic Frances Campbell, a wealthy member of the in-crowd who lives a life Georgiana couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Lonely and vulnerable, Georgiana falls in with Frances and her unfathomably rich, deeply improper friends. Georgiana is introduced to a new world: drunken debauchery, mysterious young men with strangely arresting hands, and the upper echelons of Regency society.

But the price of entry to high society might just be higher than Georgiana is willing to pay…”


I really wanted to love this book as it sounded right up my street, however, that was unfortunately not the case. I did really enjoy it and it is definitely a fun summer read, but it just did not do it for me which is why I have rated it 3/5 stars.

Reputation was full of scandal however none of them really had any consequence. The scandals did lead to a lot of excitement and wondering for how they were going to solve the subsequent problems, but these never really came to anything. There is one huge scandal that should have had larger repercussions – which would have made the story better I think, but nothing happened with it. Honestly, it was a little disappointing.

The class divide between Georgiana and her friends was made out to be almost like she was a ‘peasant’ but in reality, she was pretty well off herself. I didn’t really understand the constant need to point out that she didn’t have as much money as her friends as this didn’t impact the story very much.

Georgiana was an ok main character, but she definitely fell into the ‘not like other girls’ trope at first. She then became too much like her friends with her reckless and selfish tendencies. This change was necessary as it allowed her to learn from her mistakes and better herself but it was frustrating to watch happen.

The romance felt quite forced and literally came from nowhere. After just one shared moment together both characters were ready to profess their feelings for each other and I found it very difficult to connect with their relationship. Thomas was extremely likable and definitely deserved someone better than Georgiana.

Overall I did enjoy Reputation, but it won’t be a book I will read again. The story had a lot of potential, but it was the friendships that really stole the show. With a cast of interesting and out-there characters, you will find it hard to be bored whilst reading.


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