The Best Of: Graphic Novel Covers #5

I’ve been spreading these out so much that I didn’t realise it’s been almost five months since the last one. I haven’t been reading as many graphic novels lately so this series has not been at the forefront of my mind, however, I organised my post notes recently and I realised I have enough graphic novel covers to talk about for a good few posts yet.

Cheer Up by Crystal Fraiser 

This cover screams pure joy to me and I love it. The art style and colouring of Cheer Up is beautiful and the cover really does it justice. I’ve found a few times that the covers of graphic novels don’t do what’s in them justice (I’m looking at you Needle and Thread). 

The character designs are so nice in this graphic novel and I don’t know how to explain why but it has a real cosy vibe to it. You can just tell by looking at this cover that this graphic novel is going to be cute.

If you haven’t read Cheer Up yet then you absolutely need to. I did a review on it ages ago if you want to check it out here

Synopsis: Annie is a smart, antisocial lesbian starting her senior year of high school who’s under pressure to join the cheerleader squad to make friends and round out her college applications. Her former friend BeeBee is a people-pleaser—a trans girl who must keep her parents happy with her grades and social life to keep their support of her transition. Through the rigors of squad training and amped up social pressures (not to mention micro aggressions and other queer youth problems), the two girls rekindle a friendship they thought they’d lost and discover there may be other, sweeter feelings springing up between them. 

The Heartstopper Yearbook by Alice Oseman

Does this count as a graphic novel? It’s about one and it is mostly pictures so I’m saying yes. It is an absolute joy to see my favourite characters printed in colour for the first time. This book looks absolutely stunning on my shelves (I have a dedicated Alice Oseman section) and the cover is just *chef’s kiss*

It’s an actual crime that I haven’t read this yet despite getting it when it was published. I don’t know why I haven’t picked it up yet, I think I keep forgetting it exists. Also, I flicked through it when I got it and I think my brain thinks I’ve read it.

Synopsis:  The full-colour Heartstopper Yearbook is packed full of exclusive content from the Heartstopper universe – including never-before-seen illustrations, an exclusive mini-comic, a look back at Alice’s Heartstopper artwork over the years, character profiles, trivia, and insights into her creative process – all narrated by a cartoon version of Alice herself.

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