Music Review: Fix Me by Gnarlah

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It’s that time again, Brighton alt-rock band Gnarlah have released yet another incredible single. With every release, the band are building more and more on a sound that could only be Gnarlah. 

Who are Gnarlah? The three-piece alternative rock band formed in 2018 by Ren Woods (lead vocals/guitar), Travis Powers (Bass/backing vocals) and Jacob Andrews (Drums). They have since released three singles with their latest surpassing 500,000 streams on Spotify. The band are set to play with Brighton favourites Beach Riot on November 26th at The Prince Albert, so make sure you go down for what will certainly be an amazing night. 

© my_fair_ed – Instagram

It came as no surprise to me that this song, like every other release by Gnarlah, has a hooky riff and chorus that will be stuck in your head for days on end. This is most likely because you are streaming the song non-stop because you can’t get enough of it. 

‘Fix Me’ opens with what I can only describe as an explosion of noise and this is definitely said as a positive thing. The track hits you in the face with an attitude that demands to be heard and believe me you want to hear it.  

Lead vocalist Ren’s voice holds the perfect amount of lull and grit that makes anything this band puts out extremely listenable. A personal favourite part of mine from ‘Fix Me’ is a note in falsetto from Ren which may seem a little out of place in such a hard-hitting tune however it gives a moment of pause that makes you wonder where the song is going to take you next.  

It is safe to say that Gnarlah still hold the title of one of my favourite Brighton bands.

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