The 12 Books of Christmas: One More For Christmas by Sarah Morgan

*I was given an ARC of One More For Christmas in exchange for an honest review. Thank you HQ and Sarah Morgan.*

One More For Christmas is a festive read which touches on real-life troubles (slight trigger warning for domestic abuse, it is not carried out in the book but it is mentioned in small detail), but has its moments of lightheartedness. 

Gayle is hardworking businesswoman, who after a major falling out, has not seen her daughters in five years. After an unfortunate accident, which was broadcast live on TV, Gayle in the hospital with a head injury. After contacting her daughters about the accident they meet again for the first time in five years. 

Samantha now has a business of her own, a company that plans Christmas themed holidays and Ella is married with a five-year-old daughter. Gayle doesn’t know either of these things until they turn up at the hospital. Wanting to make things better with her daughters she suggests they spend Christmas together, even though she hates the holiday. 

Samantha has to visit a manor in the Highlands for work and ends up taking her entire family with her. Here, revelations are made and there is the possibility for a happy Christmas.     

I really was not sure about this book when I read the first few chapters. Worried it was going to be another depressing Christmas book that I find hard to keep turning the page, it was a little like that at the start, but it definitely got better as it went.  

It did take a good few chapters for the story to really get going, with these being most character descriptions and information about their backgrounds. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is good to know a lot about the characters before the main story takes off, but it was a little much in this case. 

The most exciting part of this book for me was the promised trip to the Highlands in Scotland. This part of the book was magical and it really makes the book festive, but I feel like it took a little too long to get there. The descriptions of the settings were really nice and they made me feel warm and cosy. 

The characters in this book were well throughout and each had their own charming qualities. Tab, Ella’s daughter, was an especially good character. She was a lovely little girl and I feel like Sarah Morgan did a great job at writing a real toddler. 

The development of the family dynamic was especially good, and I feel that it went at a realistic pace. Often these types of issues are far too rushed and the resolution comes round too quickly. However, I feel that Sarah Morgan did a great job of showing what a real family Christmas is like.  

Although it is very slow to start, the second half of the book has the wonderful festiveness that was promised. I’m glad that I stuck with the book and got to the end. If you are looking for a Christmas read which is more on the mature side then you should consider picking up One More For Christmas.


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