Music Review: Everything Changed by Campfire Social

Everything Changed is the second EP release from Campfire Social. Formed across North Wales and Chester in 2016 the band is made up of Thomas Hyndman on lead vocals and guitar, Christopher Hembrough-Done on guitar and vocals, Carrie Hyndman on keys and vocals, Rhys Mather on bass and Ben Matthews on drums. 

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Russ Hayes at Orange Sound Studios in Penmaenmawr and was released through independent record label Mai 68. You can find the EP digitally on all streaming platforms and physically on a blue 12” vinyl.  

The EP opens with its title track Everything Changed. Instantly you are met with a catchy guitar riff and captivating harmonised vocals. The intricate layering on the track builds a sonically richer vibe on the classic indie-pop sound. 

The chorus kicks the song up a gear raising the tempo to a quicker pace. Classic indie sounding guitars surround the second half of the track to create nothing but feel-good vibes. Already this EP holds great promise. 

Next up is the EP’s lead single It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind). Straightaway it is clear to see why this is the lead single. Greeted by a clean guitar tone, a staple of every indie-pop track, and a resonant guitar riff, the feel-good vibes are already oozing from this track. 

The most interesting part of this track is definitely the brass section. This elevates the track to a completely new height and brings a sense of hope and triumph. 

Awake In The Wake of a Wave is a slower track with a more ambient opening than what has been heard so far. Lightly strummed guitars adorn the first parts of this track and are accompanied by Thomas’ soft vocals.

Just like the opening track the second half of the song picks up in feeling and tempo and a trumpet is introduced to the mix. Keeping the track snappy and exciting the trumpet’s notes pierce through and bring a refreshing feel to Campfire Social’s sound.  

Continuing with the softer vibe that the opening of the previous track started, Speak Louder gives Campfire Social a chance to show versatility in their songwriting style. 

The most standout part of this track has to be the slide guitar. Creating a wonderfully calming effect for its listener you find yourself getting completely lost in the warm embrace that Speak Louder offers. 

On The Subject of Death is Campfire Social’s most atmospheric track to date. Thomas delivers a heart-wrenchingly emotive performance on the EP’s most raw and vulnerable track. 

An expressive piano line beautifully carries the tracks deepest thoughts and emotions and adds an extra layer to the sombre atmosphere. 

The emotion radiating from On The Subject of Death stops you in your tracks. You don’t want to do anything but give this track your full attention and contemplate its lyrics and the reflections it may have of your own life. 

Closing the EP is Wherever You Rest Your Head. The jump in tempo and mood is somewhat startling at first however it was a great choice to close out the EP with a bang. 

Bright guitars and rattling drums help bring back the infectious feel-good vibe of the first half of this release. Planning to go out as they started Campfire Social close out this wonderful release with a jubilant vocal line. 

I am completely in awe of this release. Campfire Social have displayed some of the best songwriting I have seen in a while. Every track displays its own themes and emotions whilst still working as a cohesive release. 

The impressive layering and vocal harmonisation go unmatched and I am now greatly anticipating what Campfire Social will do next. 

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