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I used to be one of those people who swore they would never get a Kindle because I love physical books too much. Well, I was wrong. I bought one over four years ago now and I’ve read hundreds of books on it. I don’t think I would be reading as much as I do if I never got one.

Something else that allowed me to read so much was Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been using it off and on since I got my Kindle and I’ve never actually paid full price for the service (I love a deal). I don’t have a subscription right now, but I’m itching to get it again soon.

Zodiac Academy: The Awakening by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti 

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sold on this series at first as the writing felt very childish and cringey. Maybe that’s just because I’m not a teenager anymore. However, I am now on book four so obviously, I am enjoying it otherwise I wouldn’t have continued. 

I do think with this series you need to give it some time. I wasn’t convinced of the hype until very recently, this changed mostly when I got to the end of book two as the story actually started going somewhere. You can read my (pretty harsh) review here.

Goodreads synopsis: If you’re one of the Fae, elemental magic is in your blood. And apparently, it’s in ours. As twins born in the month of Gemini, we’re a rare breed even in this academy of supernatural a-holes.

Changelings were outlawed hundreds of years ago but I guess our birth parents didn’t get the memo. Which means we’re totally unprepared for the ruthless world of Fae.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

No one has ever harnessed all four of them, until we arrived. And it hasn’t made us any friends so far.

As the rarest Elementals ever known, we’re already a threat to the four celestial heirs; the popular, vindictive bullies who happen to be some of the hottest guys we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t help that they’re the most dangerous beasts in the Academy. And probably on earth too.

Our fates are intertwined, but they want us gone. They’ve only got until the lunar eclipse to force us out and they’ll stop at nothing to succeed.

We never knew we had a birthright to live up to but now that we do, we intend to claim our throne.

We can’t expect any help from the faculty when it comes to defending ourselves. So if the dragon shifters want some target practice, the werewolves want someone to hunt or the vampires fancy a snack then we have to be ready. But we’ve been looking after each other for a long time and fighting back is in our blood.

Today’s horoscope: totally screwed.

Night Shifter (Magical Creatures Academy #1) by Lucia Ashta


Like with most Kindle Unlimted books the cover is what drew me into this one, which is quite impressive when you realise that I use a paperwhite so everything is in black and white. 

Again this series probably sits somewhere around the upper YA category. I cannot remember clearly if there was any sexual content, however, it is definitely a topic that comes up from time to time. 

If you love shifter romances or anything to do with shifters then you will love this series. Its not your typically shifter story, which usually focuses on werewolves, it involves an array of creatures one of which is a tree. Which does sound ridiculous because it is. You can also get your fill of vampires and fae.

This series is a great place to start if you are looking for a quick read. I read the first book in one day and I’m pretty sure the rest are also quick, but often suspenseful reads.  

Goodreads synopsis: “Rina Nelle Mont has never been a part of the paranormal world. Until now.

Well, maybe not. The Magical Creatures Academy only accepts supernaturals, and she’s been invited to the school, but she has none of the powers she’s supposed to. Blip. Nada. Not even a spark.

The school hasn’t made a mistake in a century, but she might be the first one. That’s just the kind of thing that would happen to her. Especially since no one has any idea what kind of creature she’ll be … assuming her powers ever decide to make an appearance.

The Academy is the leading institution for paranormal creatures in the world. Its students are the finest of shifters, vampires, and fae.

Speaking of fine fae … Leander Verion, prince of the elves, is off-limits. Not only is he arrogant, stubborn, and totally not her style, he’s her brother’s best friend. She will not fall for him. No way. Besides, he’s not interested … is he?

When two men who head the Shifter Alliance, a rebel faction of shapeshifters who seek to escape the control of the Enforcers—the supernatural police force—find out about Rina and her potential for a different kind of magic, they hunt her. For them, the stakes are as personal as they get.

Whether she’s ready or not, Rina is about to find out what she’s made of…”


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