Re-Watch Review: Heartstopper S1-EP2

Episode Synopsis 

Crush: Elle struggles to settle into her new school as Charlie and Tao are convinced Nick is straight. Nick starts to question his unfamiliar feelings.


Kit Connor – Nick Nelson

Joe Locke – Charlie Spring

William Gao – Tao Xu

Yasmin Finney – Elle Argent

Tobie Donovan – Isaac Henderson

Kizzy Edgell – Darcy Olsson

Corinna Brown – Tara Jones

Sebastian Croft – Ben Hope

Jenny Walser – Tori Spring

Best character of the episode

Isaac brings all the vibes in this episode. I love him in the scene where Tao is talking to Charlie about how Nick is definitely straight. My boy is having none of it, especially with his “I wanna believe in romance” line. 

Best supporting/obscure character 

If your favourite supporting character of this episode is not Nellie Nelson then I don’t know what to say to you. She is quite literally one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. 

Favourite scene

The opening scene where Nick is smiling like an idiot at Charlie’s Instagram. You know he’s down bad because Charlie’s captions aren’t even that funny. 

The snow day with Nellie. I loved this in the graphic novel and it’s just as cute if not cuter in the show. Playing with Nellie in the snow, taking cute selfies. If you don’t love this scene then we can’t be friends, sorry. 

When Nick goes around Charlie’s house for the first time and the major flirting that follows when Charlie teaches Nick to play the drums. Nick blushes when Charlie guides his hands and my god it is adorable. 

The favourite scenes section is very Nick and Charlie heavy in this post, but this is the episode where you really see their relationship grow. Which brings me to my final point of the ‘Heartstopper moment’ when Nick wants to hold Charlie’s hand. The animated sparks that get brighter the closer his hand gets, this perfect encapsulates that feeling you get when being near someone you potentially like as more than a friend. Ultimate cuteness, melts my heart.

Best quotes/lines 

Not a spoken line but when Nick and Charlie are texting at the start of the episode about what happened with Ben and Nick tells Charlie “If he ever comes near you again I’ll kick his ass”. The absolute look on joy on Charlie’s face at this gets me every time. God I love them.

“Monster munch?” whilst Darcy hands Elle a singular crisp like this is something everyone does. Darcy is by far my favourite character and this interaction is one of the reasons why. I would instantly love someone if they offered me a monster munch. Not so sure about being handed a singular crisps though.

Another great line from that scene is the sarcastic “Best gal pals” from Darcy. There’s not much to say on this other than that Darcy is the queen of sarcasm. 

“Nick Nelson, he’s the straightest person I have ever seen” Excellent delivery from Elle on this line. It’s quite funny how untrue it is though. 

“You’ve befriended the school lesbians” That’s it. The best line of the entire episode. Darcy really shined this episode. Plus I love this scene because it seems this is the moment where Elle starts to feel like she belongs at Higgs.

Favourite outfit 

Charlie wearing one of Nick’s hoodies is the ultimate cuteness, especially if you’ve read the Heartstopper graphic novels or novella’s because you know that Charlie is constantly taking Nick’s clothes. 

Favourite setting

100% Nick and Charlie’s bedrooms. They are such iconic settings from the graphic novels and the show gives up perfect replicas. I love Charlie’s room so much, it’s possibly one of the cosiest bedrooms I have ever seen.

Best musical moment 

Charlie’s intense drumming in the opening building to the moment Nick texts him back. My boy was going hard on those drums. 

Girls by Girl In Red is a great song and it introduces Tara and Darcy to the series. I really like this song and it’s one that I listen to quite often. 

Why Am I Like This by Orla Garland, the song is great and this scene is just packed with emotion. Charlie becomes hopeful about him and Nick. Nick starts questioning his sexuality. That part broke my heart, Kit Connor did an amazing job in this scene.

Other thoughts/opinions that don’t fit into a specific category 

The constant small smiles Nick does to himself when thinking about Charlie are adorable. As I said earlier that boy is down bad and he doesn’t even realise it yet. 

I really liked the introduction to Tara and Darcy in this episode and how Elle starts to feel more comfortable at her new school. They serve some of the best moments of the episode.

The amount of happiness that the Heartstopper moments bring me is just too much. They are such a great addition to the show.

What was your favourite moment from Heartstopper episode two?

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