Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S1-EP10

Episode synopsis

S1-EP10 – Forgiveness and Stuff: Misfortune strikes at the Gilmores’ Christmas party. Dean assures Lorelai that nothing improper happened the night he and Rory fell asleep together. 


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Keiko Agena…Lane Kim

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Patterson…Luke Danes

Kelly Bishop…Emily Gilmore

Edward Herrmann…Richard Gilmore

Liz Torres…Miss Patty

Jared Padalecki…Dean Forester

Michael Winters…Taylor Doose

Sean Gunn…Kirk Gleason

Best character

As usual Luke is my favourite character in this episode. He drops everything to take Lorelai to the hospital even though he really doesn’t like them. He’s the nicest person in the world

Best supporting character 

The dog with baby Jesus’ arm. Need I say more?

Michel refusing to help the guy decorating the Christmas tree is the reason why he’s the best character of this episode. He simply refuses to show him which one is the fairy and for some reason it’s hilarious. He’s always so nonchalant and petty about everything, I love him.

Favourite scenes

Luke shutting his diner to take Lorelai to the hospital is not technically a scene but it makes me so happy. He’s the nicest person and so madly in love with Lorelai I don’t know how she doesn’t realise.

Emily and Luke having a heart-to-heart is one of the best parts of this episode. It’s one of the only times she’s actually nice to him.

Best quotes and one liners 

RORY: You just wanna hold a grudge. 

LORELAI: Yes, it burns more calories. 

RORY: That’s not true. 

LORELAI: Yes it is, how do you think your grandma got those legs of hers? She’s not exactly a Stairmaster gal.

DEAN: We sat down and we were reading this book and then we fell asleep. 

LORELAI: Pick a more interesting book next time.

[Slides a Santa face hamburger in front of Lorelai] LORELAI: What did you do? 

LUKE: You wanted something festive. 

LORELAI: You made me a Santa burger. 

LUKE: It’s not big deal. 

LORELAI: He has a hat and everything. 

LUKE: Yeah, I just cut a piece of wonder bread, you know, poured a little ketchup, piped on a little cream cheese. 

LORELAI: No one has ever made me something quite this disgusting before. I thank you.

EMILY: Lorelai, you almost ran me over. 

LORELAI: Well, good thing we’re in a hospital.

Most iconic outfit 

The dress Rory wears to Christmas dinner at her grandparent’s is stunning, well not the pattern that is vile, but the actual design is lovely. 

Final thoughts and fun facts

I hate to say it, but this is one of the most boring episodes of Gilmore Girls and the fact that it’s only one of two Christmas episodes in the whole show upsets me. The whole thing is pretty depressing and not very festive.

In this episode, Lorelai gives Luke his blue baseball cap which he wears for most of the rest of the series. The man was completely in love with her.

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