Music Review: Stiletto by Ilona Mahieu

Stiletto is the latest release from Ilona Mahieu who are no strangers to Young Creative Press. Back in October, I reviewed their beautifully poetic track In My Bones (read it here). 

The track was recorded at AJA Studios in Shere alongside their last two releases; In My Bones and Criminal. Stiletto was produced, mixed and mastered by Ryan Wood.

Following in the footsteps of their last two tracks, Stiletto has already seen great radio coverage from BBC Introducing; The South and articles from online blogs.

Although they are not performing live at the moment Ilona Mahieu has excellent live experience and have even played at large events such as The Summer Westival and Breaking Sound. 

Stiletto is about the voice in your head that tells you to give up. The lyrics explore the metaphor of the Queen of Hearts and the Court Jester with both mirroring each other. The perspective focuses on the Queen fallen from grace. 

The track opens with Ilona’s compelling vocals, these deceive you into thinking that this will be a slower acoustic styled track. Don’t be fooled, this is a track with bite. A soulful bass rolls into the mix and brings Stiletto to a new height. 

Slowly the instrumentation builds up to come to a larger than life chorus. The music cascades over your ears with an impassioned performance that is brilliantly dynamic. 

Ilona has an incredible talent when it comes to conveying emotion through her voice and lyrics. Yet again I am in awe at how her tone and lyrics make you feel every piece of emotion pouring from the song.

Stiletto has solidified the fact that Ilona Mahieu is definitely one of my favourite unsigned bands around right now.

Check out the music video for Stiletto below

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