Re-Watch Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty S1-EP4

Episode synopsis

S1 EP4 – Summer Heat: It’s the 4th of July, the fathers have come to Cousins for Susannah’s annual party at the beach house. Tensions flare between Conrad and his father. Belly and the Fisher brothers make margaritas, and chaos ensues with dire consequences.


Lola Tung…Belly

Jackie Chung…Laurel

Rachel Blanchard…Susannah

Christopher Briney…Conrad

Gavin Casalegno…Jeremiah

Sean Kaufman…Steven

Alfredo Narciso…Cleveland

Minnie Mills…Shayla

Colin Ferguson…John Conklin

Tom Everett Scott…Adam Fisher

Rae DeRosa…Victoria

David Iacono…Cam

Summer Madison…Nicole

Lilah Pate…Gigi

Best character

Belly is a hot mess in this episode and I kind of love her for it. She causes so much drama when she’s drunk, but it’s great. The part after the drinking game where she’s dancing on her own is 100% me when I drink. 

Best supporting character 

Laurel is definitely the best supporting character in this episode. Firstly she looks flipping stunning and secondly, she’s so witty and sarcastic about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. 

Favourite scenes

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I don’t know how they managed to make putting bed sheets on super cute. It makes me want to cry happy tears, especially when Conrad whispers ‘The bitch is here’. He’s adorable.

The margarita scene is so precious. It’s the first time you’ve seen Belly and the boys act normally around each other in a while. It’s so cute to see them joking and messing around together.

 “I’ve always loved your hair wet, it’s so romantic”. This one speaks for itself really.

The angst between Conrad and Belly is almost too much in this scene. I remember quite literally holding my breath when they almost kissed. But stupid Jeremiah had to go and ruin it. This was the point that I started to dislike his character. Like seriously, who shoots a literal firework at someone because they’re about to kiss the girl you like? 

Best quotes and one liners

BELLY: Don’t you think it’s weird that my dad is staying here with Victoria? 

CONRAD: Well, I’m sure they’re not gonna have loud sеx. 

BELLY: That’s foul. Ugh. And why is my mom letting him bring his bitchy girlfriend anyway? 

CONRAD: Hey. How do you know she’s bitchy? What if she’s, like… a really nice person or something? 

BELLY: Uh, what if… uh, and-and, like, just hear me out… she’s a bitch.

LAUREL: I was kind of hoping for a vapid ditz in Lululemon.

SUSANNAH: Stereotypical midlife crisis?

BELLY: I can’t chill. I mean, knock-off Dakota Johnson has her claws in our dad.

CONRAD: What are you guys making? 

BELLY: Pomegranate margaritas, but with a twist. 

CONRAD: Well, you got to use the good blender. 

JEREMIAH: Oh, I-I haven’t used that thing since the great Kool-Aid debacle of 2011.

BELLY: Hello, sea creature.

BELLY: What I want is to go back in time so that I didn’t barge in on Conrad in the shower. LAUREL: Was he nɑkеd? 

BELLY: No, he was wearing a bathing suit. Ugh. But I did tell him that he looks very romantic with wet hair. 

LAUREL: I hope Cam wasn’t there for that.

BELLY: Have you ever felt fireworks for anybody? 

LAUREL: Once, but it was never going to work out. The fire would’ve burned us both alive.

CONRAD: Belly, you don’t know the effect you have on people.

Most iconic outfit 

I love, love, love Belly’s red gingham dress. I have one that’s kind of similar but it’s black and doesn’t have tie-up straps. She looks so cute in it, it really suits her.

Final thoughts and fun facts

I’ve seen a few complaints that this episode focuses too heavily on the parents, but the thing is if the parents didn’t have their own storylines people would complain they are two-dimensional. Personally, I loved the more adult problems, it means the older audience has something they can relate to that isn’t the nostalgia of liking someone when you were a teenager.

I love how this entire show is basically just Lover by Taylor Swift and then more Taylor Swift. There are three tracks off that one album alone and then one or two others sprinkled in. It’s so good.

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