Single Review: Denim by Madison Deaver

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Denim is the latest single from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Madison Deaver. The track is her ninth release amongst an impressive back catalogue of music and if Madison’s current streaming numbers are anything to go by, Denim will be a huge success.  

Denim wastes no time with searing guitars jumping straight in and snatching the attention of its listener. This track is so reminiscent of 70s rock that it’s difficult not to feel slightly nostalgic when listening. The tone of the track reminds me of The Runaways, but if they had a more pop-inspired melody. I love it.

Madison’s vocals exude confidence and a fierce attitude that is quite inspiring. The second verse shows a more gritty side to Madison’s vocals which really hammer home the no-nonsense vibes from the lyrics. 

Denim is something that lasts a long time, and no matter how worn out it gets we still want to wear it to the very end. The lyrics of the track take this idea but apply it to a relationship, but not in the way you may be thinking. Instead of having the relationship last as if it were denim, Madison has done the opposite “Now he’s wearing me out does he think that I’m denim”. Dripping in attitude this is not a track about heartbreak. 

Throughout the track’s entirety, rolling drums bring an electric feeling that seem never-ending in the best way possible. The energy of the track is one that continues to grow right up until the final moments. Denim’s last line fades with a complete drop out of all instrumentation and a whispery vocal.

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